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Best Ayurvedic Syrup Manufacturer & Supplier in India – Pax Vedic Science – and its team – decodes the world’s oldest healing science (Ayurveda). Addressing the needs of mind, body, and soul, we take pride in discovering herbal remedies that regain the lost balance. We have garnered substantial experience in Ayurveda of long 16 years. Leveraging vast expertise, we have created a comprehensive ayurvedic pipeline, including Ayurvedic Syrup. In addition, we have gained the most recognition throughout the nation, being the Best Ayurvedic Syrup Manufacturer & Supplier in India.

Pax Vedic Science has become a synonym for the best ayurvedic medicine supplier. With 350+ products, 45+ permanent staff members, and eight (8) specialty divisions, we proudly soared in the list of top ayurvedic companies in India. In addition, we have got prominence throughout India as we deliver what we promise. All above, we aim to heal and transform lives through the ancient science of Ayurveda. Therefore, enjoying a superior position as the Best Ayurvedic Syrup Manufacturer & Supplier in India.

Hold the hands of Pax Vedic Science, trade Best Ayurvedic Syrup throughout India. We have syrups that are high-in-demand, quality, and affordable.

Accelerate Your Business by Selling Our Ayurvedic Syrups

As we stated above, we want people to make a good recovery from various health-related ailments. With this in mind, we manufacture effective ayurvedic syrups with 100% pure raw ingredients. In addition, our ayurvedic syrups have back of extensive experience, expertise, and knowledge. All above, they are safe to use and approved by higher authorities.

Here is the meaningful product pipeline of Pax Vedic Sciences –

1. MEMORY BOOSTER Heals the stress and depressed nerves of your brain
2. Vedic Blood Purifier Ayurvedic Syrup for Pimple and Acne Free Skin
3. Pax Vedic Science Dashmoolini Ayurvedic Syrup for Women Health and Lecuoorrhoea
4. Pax Vedic Science Lohras Syrup Ayurvedic Syrup to increase hemoglobin
5. Pax Vedic Science Multivit Syrup Ayurvedic Complete Family Health Tonic
6. Panchmadhu Ayurvedic Syrup Ayurvedic Syrup for Healthy Digestion and Metabolism

The above are the ayurvedic syrups of the Best Ayurvedic Syrup Manufacturer & Supplier in India. Health agencies have approved them for use among all ages and offer minimal side effects. Also preferred by most Indians.

Quality Standards at Best Ayurvedic Syrup Manufacturer in India

The lack of standardized products is the main drawback of traditional medicines. To overcome this challenge, we manufacture ayurvedic syrups that are an amalgamation of quality, purity, safety, and efficacy. In addition, the company uses scientifically proven 100% pure raw ingredients derived from the richest resources. Also, we ensure 0% adulteration with rigorous quality testing methods. Further, we follow the latest guidelines, environmental protocols, and GMP norms.

Some Highlights of Quality Production:-

  1. Usage of 100% pure raw ingredients,
  2. cGMP compliant manufacturing facility,
  3. Scrutinization of raw material beforehand,
  4. Expert R&D for the right-first-time formulation,
  5. CCTV cameras to monitor every step of the process, etc.

Therefore, the above listed are the points that exhibit the quality standards of the Best Ayurvedic Syrup Manufacturer & Supplier in India. Additionally, the packaging department packs the manufactured products in quality packaging material.

Reap the Best Perks by Joining Pax Vedic Science

Since we opened our doors, we have been committed to discovering the shortest way to success for our clients. We work to foster harmonious relationships with our clients and support their well-being. Hence, we have got the tag of the Best Ayurvedic Syrup Manufacturer in India. In addition, we operate a business with transparency, open communications, and respect. Also, we acknowledge where we fall short and need to improve. That’s why we are the choice of every newbie entrepreneur.

Benefits of Becoming Our Client:-

  1. ISO, GMP, WHO certified
  2. Quality Assured ayurvedic products
  3. Meaningful product pipeline
  4. Free Promotional Tools
  5. Year around stock availability

Our team is the heart of our company, and we want everyone to feel like that. We reward employees and keep them motivated. We are located in Chandigarh and invite you to support us. In other words, we have opened our doors for business aspirants, pharma retailers, medical representatives, wholesalers, and business seekers. Step out from the ordinary.